Friday, 13 July 2018

BOS 2018

The BOS (Burger of Service) originated in 2009 in Elkhart, Indiana, after an interesting adult grilling experience. A patty fell between the grates and became completely charred, but it did so much more than burn: it flavored the other patties above. The adults decided to award the BOS to a student who had a similar effect on the rest of the group: someone who worked hard and was a great team player. It is passed down each year, and tonight, the 2017 BOS, Noah Stubbs, awarded the new BOS with this coveted title. The tenth holder of this title takes home the actual original burger to its eighth home. We congratulate and celebrate Connor Buckley as the 2018 BOS! 

The BOS Family Tree
2009 - Claudia Benz - Elkhart, IN
2010 - Zak Aker - Louisville, KY
2011 - Ben Higgins - Indiana University
2012 - Olivia Benz - Hanover, IN
2013 - Alex Reese - Indianapolis 
2014 - Mary Stafford - University of Illinois
2015 - Nathan Higgins - Olney, IL
2016 - Sam VanMeter - Cincinnati, OH
2017 - Noah Stubbs - Purdue University 
2018 - Connor Buckley - Crawfordsville, IN


Our fourth day was filled with fun! We started our morning off right with scrumptious donuts from the locals' favorite shop, and then we set off for work. We wanted to give back to the community of Crawfordsville for being such awesome hosts, so we returned to Milligan Park to pick up trash. Students had loads of fun with it, and some turned it into a game. They finished so quickly, they had time to play and relax with each other.

After lunch, we decided to take a quick little tour around Wabash College, since it is so close to the church and is a significant part of the town. Students completed a scavenger hunt for buildings and items on campus; and some of them even ran into the college's president!

Adults were stuck in Relaxation Mode, so Domino's provided dinner. We followed up with a trip to another local favorite: the Dairi-licious ice cream stand. They had a Turtle Park next door, so we swung and slid as we ate our tasty treats.

After running off the sugar, we settled down for our last devotion. To wrap up, we lifted our prayers up to God in a unique way, with Wish Paper. The amount of time that students took to reflect was a true testament to how thoughtful and prayerful they all are. That being said, we are incredibly grateful for such an easy-going, compassionate, dedicated group of students. They worked so well together, and they had an absolute blast doing so. We cannot wait to see what they continue accomplish as they go forward, giving of themselves and gaining so much in return!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


"Yes" was the word of the day today! We returned to the larger space for Pam's Promise to finish our painting, staining, and lawn care duties. Students were very flexible and took initiative in volunteering for odd jobs. From picking up and breaking sticks to reaching high to wipe down window and door frames, our middle school rockstars were always up for the task.

They were so excited to work and do a fantastic job; we ended up finishing our day earlier than we had anticipated we would! We cooled off in the pool at Milligan Park and headed back to the church for some delicious lasagna and thoughtful devotions.

Again, we talked about where we saw God today. Your wonderful youth responded: 
-In the excitement of getting a big project done so you could go help with the next one
-In one of the residents, who came out and commented on how nice the newly painted bench looked
-The faces of Stephanie, Annie, and Maddie when we surprised them with the finished porch
-The teamwork in pulling weeds, seeing how much we all accomplished at the end

We're looking forward to our third work day and fun evening to celebrate our hard work!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


First work day was a grand success! We volunteered with Pam's Promise, a transitional housing program that works wonders within the community. Part of our group worked at one of the large houses that holds up to four families. They stained the deck, gardened and planted flowers, and painted a bench.

Meanwhile, the other part of the group went over to another housing unit and sorted over 20 bags and boxes of donated clothing. We celebrated our hard work with warm showers, a Taco Tuesday dinner, and ice cream treats for dessert. 

The students who led tonight's devotion asked everyone, "Where did you see God today?" Here are some of their answers:
-In the people at the house: the little kids who were happy for people to talk to and play with
-In the finished products
-In getting to know each other, in the teamwork
-In the little girl and her young siblings who were getting clothes. Their mom was really grateful
-The huge amount of clothes that were donated
-Pulling weeds together and getting to know each other

Looking forward for another fantastic, God-filled day tomorrow!

Monday, 9 July 2018


We had a great first day and night together. Students got to know one another better, shared a wonderful meal from our host church, and worshipped.
All are excited for our first day of work on Tuesday, and eager to see what God has planned for us.

WYSIWYG - Middle School Trip - Departure

And away they go for an incredible week of service and adventure. Please keep this amazing group of middle school students and their adult leaders in your prayers as they are away.

Hearts, eyes, and minds open.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Friday: Cedar Point

We had a fantastic time at Cedar Point today and celebrated our week together this evening with a time of worship led by our seniors. We're grateful for an amazing week and the experiences we've been blessed to have here in Sandusky. See you tomorrow back at the church around 1 pm!